MSF Advanced

MSF Advanced is primarily aimed at MSF finalists from previous years (alumni). It aims to support the different development phases of feature film projects, helping them be selected in international major script funds and film markets. It intends to put the best of these projects in contact with recognized industry decision-makers. Only 6 projects will be selected among the projects submitted.
After individual consultancies with tutors (1 hour for each project) in order to prepare one-to-one meetings, candidates will present their projects during a pitching session with industry decision-makers (30′ for each project).

Applications are now closed.
The deadline for MSF Advanced’s applications was October 20.
The 6 finalists will be announced November 1.
The MSF Advanced will take place online through Zoom from December 1 to 8.
Please note preparing online sessions will be held the week of November 24.

Applications are open to Myanmar candidates only.
Applications are open to candidates developing their 1st or 2nd long feature film, fiction only.
The project must have been submitted to MSF before.
Each project must have a director and a producer. Participants cannot be represented.
The director must have directed at least one film, (regardless of duration & genre, fiction or documentary), which can be shared with the selection commission.
Participants agree that all exchanges and activities, as well as the submission materials, will be in English. Participants can however include an interpreter in their team for assisting them during the individual meetings (if they wish and at their own expense).
Participants commit to have their own equipment (smartphone, computer, headsets if necessary…) with a functional Zoom application for video-conference.

Please note: Applications are not exclusive and candidates who have applied to other script funds can also apply to the MSF, and reverse. Applications to Myanmar Script Fund are free of charge. Participants commits to inform MSF team of the further selections in international festivals and markets of the film project presented to MSF.
For your information, please find the previous year’s laureates (finalists awarded) here.

If you want to apply for the MSF Advanced 2020 and that you agree to follow the above rules, please click on the link below:

MSF Advanced 2020 / Application form online