MSF Rendezvous

MSF Rendezvous is a new scheme launched in January 2021 by MEMORY! to complement its Myanmar Script Fund (MSF) professional development programme for independent Burmese cinema. Throughout the year, MSF Rendezvous intends to offer enhanced monitoring of the projects developed over the past five years within its framework (workshops) as well as conferences and debates with professionals from all over the world (encounters). Its aim is to meet the needs of MSF candidates as best as possible and to monitor the progress of their projects as closely as possible. MSF Rendezvous has therefore been designed as an evolving training scheme through regular online meetings throughout the year. It has been open to all MSF participants since the beginning of the programme 5 years ago, i.e. around 70 candidate producers and directors representing nearly 40 film projects.

MSF Rendezvous was conceived as a place for training and sharing for a new generation of Myanmar filmmakers. As such, it is based on the inalienable right to freedom of expression, opinion and assembly (included online). After 1 February 2021 it intends to remain so, even if this programme is modified, notably to ensure the safety of everyone.

28th January, 2021 – 10 AM UTC

All MSF audience

The Norwegian South Film Fund (Sørfond) is a film production fund that supports projects from developing countries on the DAC-list. A Norwegian co-producer is required to apply. At least 50 % of the project’s budget must be in place at the time of applying. Since 2012, Sørfond has supported 46 film projects. The overall objective of Sørfond is to strengthen film production in developing countries and to increase the Norwegian film industry’s international collaborations. Strong artistic quality and local cultural identity are core priorities for the fund. Furthermore, Sørfond aims to encourage productions dealing with freedom of expression and emphasis is also placed on the projects’ representation of women in key positions.
Per Eirik Gilsvik is the project manager of Sørfond, the Norwegian South Film Fund. Per Eirik has been working for the Films from the South Festival since 2012 – apart from working with Sørfond, he is one of the festival’s programmers.


Tutoring: postponed
Pitching session: postponed

MSF-O 2020 only

Review your dossier is a workshop which provides a customized follow-up to the six MSF Original 2020 Projects by a dedicated tutor, Rachel Mathews, aiming to boost the development of a revised dossier, draw lessons from the intensive sessions with the Jury and tutors in 2020 and prepare a stronger pitch for the project. This workshop will lead to a second formal pitching session in front of the MSF Jury in June.
Rachel Mathews is british writer, Berlin-based, director and tutor in screenwriting & fiction directing. She works often in Myanmar, in particular as tutor with the Yangon Film School (YFS).



Screening: postponed
Sessions: postponed

All MSF audience

Beyond the screen is an exceptional series of encounters made possible with the help of Marianne Dumoulin and Jacques Bidou (JBA Production). Each encounter consists of a film’s viewing followed by sessions with the director and/or a member of the team. All these films have been produced and are now offered for viewing by Marianne and Jacques. This first encounter deals with Yalda, a Night for Forgiveness (Iran/2019) by Massoud Bakhshi (Grand Jury Prize Sundance 2020)
Session 1: Genesis of the film. Discussion with Marianne & Jacques (2h)
Analysis of the censored director’s career in his own country following his first feature film. Birth of the film. Development phase: from writing to production (production files and writing residencies, co-production markets, casting). Shooting in Iran with a mixed team in a country under embargo.
Session 2: Production of the film. Discussion with Marianne & Jacques (2h)
Detailed analysis of co-production mechanisms, budgeting, financing plan and contracts for co-production, shooting and post-production. The film’s journey through the international festivals, relations with the seller.
Session 3: Discussion with the chief editor and/or cinematographer (2h)


All MSF audience

Produce from Taiwan is an encounter with a veteran distribution and production company based in Taiwan, Flash Forward Entertainment. The company has made nearly 20 films, including (among other) Ice Poison by Midi Z, Taiwan entry for the Oscars’ Best Foreign Language Film and The Road to Mandalay, awarded at the 2016 Venice Film Festival. An Impossibly Small Object by David Verbeek, a Taiwan co-production had the world premiere in 2018 IFFR.
Patrick Mao Huang is graduated from the Columbia University and founder in 2002 of Flash Forward Entertainment. His first directing debut, Home was selected into Asian Side of the Doc (Hong Kong Filmart).