Myanmar Cinema Heritage Press Review

Restoring the past
NGO Turquoise Mountain is planning to restore one of downtown Yangon’s most prominent – and historically significant – colonial-era buildings, opening it up to the public once again.
Frontier – Nov 14, 2016

Movie industry faces long road to recovery after fall from grace
The Facebook comments started pouring in as soon as the film hit cinemas.
Myanmar Times – Nov 25, 2016

Myanmar’s storied film industry gears up for a sequel
With turquoise columns propping up a pink and yellow portico, Myanmar’s art deco style Thwin cinema is a rare relic from a golden age…
Mizzima – Oct 19, 2016

Myanmar needs a motion picture law: minister
The minister for information has called for the drafting of a film law to improve Myanmar’s movie industry and help give it a boost into international markets.
Myanmar Times – Oct 6, 2016

Local firm signs $6m deal to install Barco cinema equipment across Myanmar
Clover Solution has signed with local company MAZE to install US$6 million in cinema equipment, made by Brussels-based technology firm Barco, in 100 cinemas slated to be built across Myanmar…
Myanmar Times – Jul 12, 2016

Vanishing act: Myanmar’s lost movie palaces
Gone are the fluted pilasters, the Corinthian columns, the stately colonnades.  The velveteen seats have all been ripped out, the lazily revolving ceiling fans junked, the silver screens shattered and tarnished.
Myanmar Times – Mar 4, 2016

Saving the crown jewel of ‘Cinema row’
An ambitious plan has been drafted to restore the Waziya cinema, the grandest of the seven movie houses that once lined Yangon’s Bogyoke Aung San Road.
Frontier – Mar 3, 2016

Myanmar heritage film celebrates its 85th anniversary
Heritage film fans are today celebrating an important milestone in history: the 85th anniversary of Myanmar cinema.
Myanmar Times – Oct 13, 2015

Restoring a history of film
Film restoration is a difficult process, but an important one. Old films are history, and can show us how people lived and spoke in days gone by.
Myanmar Times – Sept 11, 2015