Myanmar Script Fund


  1. Applications are open to Myanmar candidates only.
  2. Applications are open to candidates developing their 1st or 2nd long feature film, fiction only.
  3. Applications are not exclusive. Candidates who have applied to other script funds can also apply to the Myanmar Script Fund, and reverse.
  4. Applications to Myanmar Script Fund are free of charge.
  5. Every project must have a Director and/or Scriptwriter and a Producer to be eligible for selection.
  6. Up to 6 film projects will be selected and will attend the Pitching Competition and Coaching Sessions.
  7. Applications open on July 10, 2019 and close on Oct 1st, 2019. The finalists list will be announced in October.
  8. The Director must have directed at least one short film, (regardless of duration & genre, fiction or documentary), which can be shared with the Commission providing a link for access.
  9. Each project must provide a well advanced feature length treatment.
  10. The copyright of the script and film project remains with the Scriptwriter, Director and/or Producer team. The organizer, MEMORY! Film Festival, will not take any rights from those who apply to the Myanmar Script Fund and the treatment will never be published by MEMORY!
  11. MEMORY! reserves the right to use the basic information given by Director and Producer on its online communication.
  12. Participants agree that all exchanges, documents and activities will be conducted in English.
  13. Participants must commit to follow the full schedule (Nov 13-19, 2019) and the regulations of Myanmar Script Fund.
  14. The team of the Myanmar Script Fund is authorized at any stage to cease the activities of a participant who does not meet all the conditions listed above.