International Film Heritage Festival

Yangon, 3-12 November 2017


MEMORY! International Film Heritage Festival was created in 2013, continuing the tradition of the very few existing festivals entirely dedicated to the classics.
MEMORY! Festival is the sole international event entirely dedicated to film heritage in Asia and the most notable cultural event in Myanmar.
Meeting the standards of an international film festival, the objective of MEMORY! is to enable open access to world film heritage, as a key part of the preservation of cultural memory and a source of development and enrichment.

MEMORY! Festival is also dedicated to the young Myanmar filmmakers generation through the Myanmar Script Fund.

MEMORY! International Film Heritage Festival is developed by MEMORY! Cinema Association. Film Heritage is the principle project of the MEMORY! Cinema Association, an international non-governmental organization, which is committed to the preservation of film and cultural memory worldwide.
MEMORY! Cinema Association is currently working on the Myanmar Film Heritage Project, a long-term commitment that aims to recover and restore works of national significance and to establish a national film and media archive which would encourage historical research and function as a preservation and restoration facility.


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The program of the 5th edition will be announced in September 2017.


As has become customary each year, MEMORY! will once again present the very popular Ciné-Concerts featuring live musical accompaniment to classics from the silent screen. In addition, this year we will continue the extremely popular outdoor screenings and feature new exhibitions during the festival!


Prestigious filmmakers and guests will introduce film screenings and talk with the audience about their work.


Through its offerings, the festival aims to open a window onto the world of the past to better understand the world of today. The schedule for the 2017 edition will be announced in late October.


Alongside the annual thematic, MEMORY! Festival proposes a 2-day best-in-class conference. The idea is to pursue the reflection beyond the films with international specialists.
As this year the thematic is BANNED FILMS, the 2017 MEMORY! Conference will examine the question of the CENSORSHIP.

Film critics, lawyers, directors, historian etc… from Myanmar and around the world will be in Yangon to discuss on topics like evolving practices & technologies of media classification and/or censorship, problematic media cultures, regulation of representations of gender & sexualities, digital & online censorship, oppositional voices, activism & the political arena, international narratives of censorship, avant-garde, classification / regulations & government policy, social effects of censorship, censorship as a stimulating factor, auto-censorship, allegory, doublespeak etc…

Complete program of the 2017 MEMORY! Conference will be announced in October.


Myanmar Script Fund

Myanmar Script Fund is a program for emerging local filmmakers working on their first or second full-length feature film. MSF is intended to help connect filmmakers from Myanmar with international audiences.

The program includes professional workshops combining individual consultancies on script-writing, producing, and plenary sessions intended to provide insight into the international film market. The Fund’s objective is to support emerging filmmakers during the development process and to assist them in honing their professional skills.

The candidates will present also  their projects during a pitch session in front of a jury comprised of international film experts.

The Myanmar Script Fund 2017 will be held from November 4 to 7.
The registration is now closed. Please note the 6 finalist projects will be announced October 16.

The Myanmar Script Fund works in close collaboration with Open Doors, a program managed by the Festival Locarno (Switzerland), FAMU International (Czech Republic), Yangon Film School (Myanmar) & Pen Myanmar (Myanmar). It is supported by Forever Group (Myanmar) & Institut français (France).

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Travelling MEMORY! Show

MEMORY! Film Festival is more than an event which takes place in Yangon. It’s also, thanks to the Travelling MEMORY! Show, a unique occasion for the residents of remote Myanmar communities to re-discover cinema.

On its inaugural tour in 2017-2018, Travelling MEMORY! Show will reach Myanmar villages on border areas with no ready access to electricity and will screen the recently restored version of Mya Ga Naing (1934), a classic by Burmese director Maung Tin Maung.


Accreditation is required for press, film professionals, and academics.

Admission to screenings and conferences is open and free for the general public.

If you wish to be notified when accreditation opens for the 2017 edition or to receive the latest updates about the festival, please sign up for our newsletter.

Objective, Burma! (1945)

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Myanmar Film Heritage Project

The Myanmar Film Heritage Project (MFHP) will take place over a period ending in 2020, for the 100th anniversary of the Myanmar cinema history. The project is developed by the MEMORY! Cinema Association, a cultural international non-governmental organization (INGO) committed to safeguarding worldwide cinema heritage.

The project is comprised of three foundational components:

The Lost Film Search and the Restoration of Myanmar Classics programs aim to establish a national film collection. Our initial assessment revealed a dire situation: less than twenty titles still have celluloid elements that could permit restoration work. Among them, MYA GA NAING (1934) by Maung Tin Maung, one of the key directors of classic Myanmar cinema, restored in 2016 and PYO CHIT LIN (1950) restored this year.

The physical preservation of the films and film-related materials such as posters, scripts, photographs, sound recordings, press and advertising materials is a crucial part of cinema history and, even more importantly, of national cultural memory.
Urgent action is required to process existing collections as soon as possible, as physical decay and degradation are already taking their toll. Another part of this task involves searching and collecting these kinds of materials throughout the country and abroad.

The creation of the National Film Archive of Myanmar is the ultimate purpose of this Project. As a key cultural venue in Yangon and a model in the ASEAN region, the Archive will highlight the rich history of Myanmar cinema, offer diverse programming of Myanmar and foreign films, and educate younger generations. It will house a comprehensive National Film and Media Collection and help inspire future film talent.